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About Us

ALAIN JACQUES RENARD (PTY) LTD is a fully independent firm of corporate Financial Advisors established in 1975 in Paris and has been operating in Johannesburg since 1982.

In 1983, AJR was the very first firm to offer a specifically designed service of Hedging for trade in South Africa. The Hedging Systems used in Europe had to be entirely re-thought and re-developed to be adapted to the conditions prevailing in South Africa. The exchange control, the uncertainty of the economic policy, and the low volume have all contributed to a high volatility as well as to a very uncompetitive forex market.

As a result, our approach has had to be very pragmatic in order to match the very needs of our Clients.

The Reporting System of the hedging operations developed by AJR has been so praised by auditing firms that they have convinced us to commercialise our software. One of its main features is to focus on the business approach of hedging transactions, while complying with accounting standards.

The AJR team is composed of Professionals with a solid academic background in economics and for whom achieving the highest standards is not an option, but a must.

With our over 35 years of international experience we pride ourselves on our integrity and with meeting the highest standards.

We do not have a conflict of interests with our Clients; instead we create a unity of purpose with them.

Alain J Renard has always been very involved in the South African business community. He is a Life Member of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, having served as a Councillor since 1986 and as Vice President from 2005 to 2009. He was Chairman of the Economic Affairs Commission of the Chamber from 2004 until 2016

For many years, AJR has been associated with the foreign companies that we are using to provide our overseas services. We share the same values, the same high standards and the same Professional Ethics. These have guaranteed the success of our relationship and have consistently benefited our Clients.

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